‘The Killing’ Stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman Reunite in ‘For All Mankind’ Season 5

The actress is set to join Mars’ Peacekeeper Security Force in the Apple TV+ series

Joel Kinnaman, Mireille Enos in "The Killing"
Joel Kinnaman, Mireille Enos in "The Killing"

“The Killing” stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman are set to reunite on screen in Season 5 of “For All Mankind,” TheWrap has learned.

Enos will play series regular character Celia Boyd, who is described as one of the members in the Peacekeeper Security Force on Mars. Some the actress’ other previous roles were in “World War Z,” “Hanna” and “The Catch.”

Kinnaman and Enos starred alongside one another in all four seasons of “The Killing” on AMC. The pair portrayed lead characters Stephen Holder and Sarah Linden from 2011-’14.

In “For All Mankind,” Kinnaman has played main character Edward “Ed” Baldwin since the series premiere in 2019.

“For All Mankind,” an Apple TV+ series, stands as the streamer’s longest-running series as it launched along with the platform on Nov. 1, 2019. The show centers in on an alternate universe in which the global space race never ended. “The thrilling ‘what if’ take on history from Ronald D. Moore spotlights the high stakes lives of NASA astronauts and their families,” reads Apple TV+’s description of the series.

Here’s how the streamer describes Season 5: “The latest season of ‘For All Mankind’ rocketed the series into the new millennium. In the eight years since Season 3, Happy Valley has rapidly expanded its footprint on Mars by turning former foes into partners. It’s now 2003, and the focus of the space program has turned to the capture and mining of extremely valuable, mineral-rich asteroids that could change the future of both Earth and Mars. But simmering tensions between the residents of the now-sprawling international base threaten to undo everything they are working toward.”

All four seasons of “For All Mankind” are available to stream on Apple TV+.


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