Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld on Afghans and Climate Change: ‘Don’t They Just Ride Goats?’ (Video)

The Taliban announced its goal to help fight climate change earlier this week 

Greg Gutfeld recently tackled the Taliban’s vow to combat climate change — with some casual xenophobia sprinkled in for good measure. 

On Wednesday’s edition of Fox’s “The Five,” Gutfeld and the rest of the panel reacted to an interview Abdul Qahar Balkhi, a member of the Taliban’s cultural commission, gave to Newsweek earlier this week.

“We can rest easy, everyone. Now, the kinder, gentler Taliban is vowing to tackle climate change,” Gutfeld said before reading Balkhi’s quote and adding some trademark quips. 

“A member of the group’s Cultural Commission, talking to Newsweek, ‘We believe the world is a unique opportunity of rapprochement and coming together to tackle the challenges not only facing us about the entire humanity. These challenges ranging from world security and climate change need the collective efforts’ — somebody went to college — ‘of all and cannot be achieved if we exclude or ignore an entire people who have been devastated by imposed wars for the past four decades.’”

“Wow. Sounds like someone’s aiming for a primetime gig on CNN,” Gutfeld added, turning to co-host Dana Perino. “So, Dana, Greta Thunberg must be thrilled.” 

“She might have written that,” Perino said, referring to the young environmental activist, before speculating that Balkhi’s remarks were part of a “woke” rebrand for the Taliban. “They’re going to assign eco credit scores to people. Like that’s progressive, what an interesting idea.” 

“What is their carbon footprint?” Gutfeld interjected at the 2:54 minute mark. “Don’t they just ride goats?” 

“They want to be back in the 7th century,” Perino replied to laughter from Gutfeld. 

Greg Gutfeld ultimately closed out the segment by striking back at the “wokeism” that is, apparently, preventing the U.S. from being able to deal with the crisis in Afghanistan effectively. 

“As America — as our government keeps pushing its way towards wokeism, there is basically no way to deal with something like Afghanistan, because we lose the options that being a woke country would not allow you to do,” he said. “In a weird way, the Taliban is going to be China’s problem and China’s going to have no problem dealing with them.” 


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