How to Watch the ‘Frasier’ Reboot

You won’t find it on NBC

Kelsey Grammer smirks and plays piano in the Frasier reboot key art
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Fraiser” is back for the first time in nearly 20 years, with Kelsey Grammar’s titular character returning to a TV industry entirely transformed — which means you won’t find the new series airing on its old network home, NBC.

In fact, you won’t find the sitcom on broadcast TV. The new “Frasier” series is headed straight to streaming, which means there are lots of changes in tow — and not just the distributor.

From the smaller episode count to the cast full of new faces, here’s everything you need to know about the “Frasier” reboot, where to watch it and when to expect new episodes.

Where is the new “Frasier” series streaming?

“Frasier” Episodes 1 and 2 are now streaming exclusively on Paramount+.

How many episodes are in the “Frasier” reboot?

Another sign of the streaming era, the new season of “Frasier” is only 10 episodes long. All 11 seasons of the original series had standard 24-episode seasons.

What’s the episode release schedule?

The first two episodes will debut on Oct. 12, with subsequent episodes dropping weekly until the finale on Dec. 7. You can see the full episode schedule here.

Where is the original “Frasier” series streaming?

You can watch all 11 seasons of the 1993-2004 run streaming on Paramount+ and Hulu. The first season is available free on Amazon Prime Video through Oct. 31.

Where is “Cheers” streaming?

If you want to revisit Frasier’s first stint in Boston, you’ll have to head all the way back to “Cheers.” You can stream all 11 seasons of the 1982-1993 run on Paramount+.

Hulu is currently streaming the first four seasons and Amazon Prime Video has the first season streaming free through Oct. 31 — but fair warning, Frasier didn’t make his character debut until Season 3.

Who is in the “Frasier” reboot cast?

Toks Olagundoye as Olivia, Kelsey Grammer as Frasier Crane and Nicholas Lyndhurst as Alan in Frasier
(Chris Haston/Paramount+)

The changes continue: Kelsey Grammer is the only original series regular returning to star in the “Frasier” reboot. Peri Gilpin and Bebe Neuwirth are confirmed to return as Roz and Liilith, respectively.

Additionally, though they will be played by new actors, the next generation of Cranes will return. Jack Cutmore-Scott (”Oppenheimer”) plays Frasier and Lilith’s son, Freddy, while newcomer Anders Keith plays Niles and Daphne’s son, David.

Finally, there are the new characters. Nicholas Lyndhurst (“Only Fools and Horses”) stars as Frasier’s old Oxford friend and new Harvard colleague, Professor Alan Cornwall; Toks Olagundoye (“Castle”) stars as ambitious and offbeat Harvard psych department head, Olivia Finch and Jess Salgueiro (“The Expanse”) stars as Freddy’s friend, Eve.

Are they really making it without Niles?

David Hyde PIerce and Kelsey Grammer in Frasier

Yes, for the time being, David Hyde Pierce has declined to return as Niles Crane. “David basically decided he wasn’t really interested in repeating the performance of Niles,” Grammer told People in November 2022.

However, it’s not like they’re killing off the character, which leaves the door open for a return if Pierce changes his mind. and considering Niles’ son is a supporting character, it’s likely we’ll hear some references to or updates on Niles and Daphne throughout the show.


4 responses to “How to Watch the ‘Frasier’ Reboot”

  1. Sarah Mundle Avatar
    Sarah Mundle

    I watched Fraser n the reruns..n my husband n I still watch the reruns…we loved all the characters and their lines. The writers were fabulous for the times they wrote in. We laugh n almost cry still on some of the reruns.. I so hope Niles comes to visit at least if he won’t join the reboot. It would be nice to see Dafinoe n Rahz as visitors as well. The actor playing Freddie Fraser’s son looks like a good fit…i remember the little Freddy n I think they did well to pick this actor as the adult Freddy. Wondering if Fraser will have as much difficulty finding a date or will Freddie’s old mom make appearances as well.
    Looking forward to this reboot lasting a long time n hoping CBS or some “smart” TV station picks it up n presents it to the people who can not afford all the new independent ones popping up…like paramount + like us seniors… why not give us a seniors rates or bundle them up for us at a fair price…don’t u know we r the ones with more time to watch tv than any other age group….something to think on if u want more eyes on your productions…

  2. Frank A Capetillo Avatar
    Frank A Capetillo

    Thank you for sticking up for the seniors! We cannot afford all this paid tv dodo!

  3. Tom obrien Avatar
    Tom obrien

    We loved the Frazier reboot

  4. Pam Avatar

    Yes I love Frasier and got to watch the first 2 episodes of the reboot.   Both wonderful.   I’m also a senior and it makes me so sad that nothing can just play on tv anymore.  You have to buy different services and it’s crazy.   I refuse and will just wait until it does go to live tv.  

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