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Garth Brooks’ Fans Are Furious With Him For Wearing a Sanders Jersey — Barry Sanders, That Is

The numbered jerseys say ”Sanders 20,“ so you see where this is going

NFL legend Barry Sanders trended on Twitter Friday morning after a post showing disparaging comments against country star Garth Brooks for wearing his jersey went viral.

“Facebook forgot who Barry Sanders is and is freaking out at Garth Brooks for wearing a jersey and I’m dying,” announced an account under the name Jason Vincent. The tweet contained screenshots of Facebook users reacting to a photo of the country singer ahead of a Detroit concert, wearing a jersey that said “SANDERS 20.”


Let’s get something clear right away: Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is running for president in 2020. Former Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders wore the number 20 while playing professionally. “SANDERS 20” is a string of characters a person could expect to see when discussing either topic but the two are very, very different.

“Love you, hate the shirt,” read one comment in the screenshots. “Trump2020.”

Another user asked if Brooks planned to “distribute his millions,” making a reference to Sanders’ Democratic Socialist ideals.

“So out of touch!” lamented a different user.

The angry comments bled over to Instagram, where users began castigating one another and infighting filled Brooks’ comment section. The perceived enemy — in this case, Sen. Bernie Sanders — remained the only stable target.

“People People…..tone it down. Us Conservatives don’t do this!! WE enjoy Garth and separate the leftists from the good guys! He is a good guy,” said one user.

A representative for Brooks didn’t immediately return TheWrap’s request for comment.