After Biden Interview, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos Says ‘I Don’t Think He Can Serve 4 More Years’ | Video

The GMA anchor interviewed the president in his first public appearance since the debate on Friday

Joe Biden and George Stephanopoulos
Joe Biden and George Stephanopoulos (Credit: Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC)

After interviewing President Joe Biden in his first public appearance following his disastrous debate performance on Friday, ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos appeared to determine that he is unfit for reelection.

When approached by an unidentified pedestrian in New York City in an online video, the ABC anchor for “Good Morning America” — apparently not realizing he was being recorded — said “I don’t think [Biden] can serve four more years.”

The video was first published Tuesday by TMZ. Watch it below.

The brief clip begins with Stephanopoulos walking on the sidewalk looking at his phone before being approached by the bystander who asks, “What do you think? Do you think Biden should step down? You’ve talked to him more than anybody else has lately.”

“I don’t think he can serve four more years,” Stephanopoulos replied off-camera.

“You don’t think he can serve four more years? All right — that’s an answer,” the man recording says.

Both Stephanopoulos and ABC gave a comment to TheWrap later Tuesday night.

The ABC News anchor’s exclusive interview with the president premiered as a primetime special on Friday to 8.5 million viewers tuning in. The sit-down marked the first appearance by the president since the June 27 debate.

During that interview, Stephanopoulos pressed the president on the issues of his age and capability.

“Mr. President, I’ve never seen a president [at] 36% approval get reelected,” he said in the 22-minute unedited interview.

Though there were no novel takeaways from the interview, Stephanopoulos was praised by fellow journalists for not letting up on the president. His vested concern with the state of U.S. politics as it relates to the presidency were clear during the interview.

“Do you really believe that you’re not behind right now? … Just when you look at the reality, Mr. President,” he said, pushing Biden further on polling. “Inflation has come down. In those last few months, [Trump has] become a convicted felon. Yet, you’re still falling further behind.”

Biden has since reiterated his position that he is staying in the race for the presidency. The president attempted to reassure the Democratic party in a statement he shared to his Instagram Monday.

“I have heard the concerns that people have — their good faith fears and worries about what is at stake in this election. I am not blind to them. Believe me,” Biden’s letter to the Democrats on Capitol Hill read. “I can respond to all this by saying clearly and unequivocally: I wouldn’t be running again if I did not absolutely believe I was the best person to beat Donald Trump in 2024.”


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