‘Good Trouble’ Alum Maia Mitchell Cherished Celebrating Callie’s Happy Ending in Final Episodes

“The Fosters” star gives her take on Mariana’s love triangle and teases what’s in store for the series finale

Beau Mirchoff and Maia Mitchell in "Good Trouble" (Disney/Troy Harvey

Note: The following discusses spoilers for “Good Trouble” Season 5, Episode 18.

After a decade starring as Callie Adams Foster on “The Fosters” and “Good Trouble,” Maia Mitchell sent off her beloved character with a happy ending.

As the Freeform spin-off series wraps up its fifth and final season, Tuesday’s episode caps off the many twists and turns Callie and Jamie (Beau Mirchoff) have endured since first meeting in “The Fosters.” Taking a break from their life in Washington, D.C., where Callie works for the ACLU, the couple headed back to Los Angeles to celebrate their engagement.

“She’s got her dream job and her dream guy — it’s not perfect, but they’re working on it,” Mitchell told TheWrap. “Getting to see her progress and the work she’s done on herself and celebrate it like that was really lovely. I’m really glad we got that moment.”

The engagement party not only reunited sisters Callie and Mariana (Cierra Ramirez), but the whole Adams Foster family as well, including Lena (Sherri Saum), Stef (Teri Polo), Jude (Hayden Byerly), Brandon (David Lambert) and even a FaceTime cameo from Sophia (Bailee Madison).

“I’m really glad that we got to do it knowing now that the show is done — I’m really glad we’ve had that final moment together,” Mitchell said. “Honestly, it feels like nothing’s passed except Hayden is three feet taller and a full grown adult, which is always surprising.”

Still, as Mitchell noted, the event wasn’t without its bumps, as Callie and Jamie’s mom Diane (Susan Walters) continued to butt heads during the party after Diane previously voiced her lack of excitement for the marriage. Mitchell identified Diane as Callie’s “ultimate trigger,” as Callie attempts to stay true to herself and “stick to her guns” within the situation.

“Callie has done a lot of work on herself to be able to be in a functional relationship with another functional person, but you definitely see, at the engagement party, her triggers pop up,” Mitchell said. “I think she feels out of place in his world in ways and she’s really fighting to keep her independence and perspectives within his world.”

As “Good Trouble” hinges towards its series finale, it’s also clear a confrontation is brewing between Mariana, Joaquin (Bryan Allen Craig) and Silas (Graham Sibley), despite Callie filing — and personally delivering — a restraining order to Silas and pleading Mariana to stay away.

Little does Callie know, however, that Mariana has already gone against Callie’s wishes by immersing herself in a mission with Joaquin to expose Silas — a revenge plot Callie would be “furious, but also not surprised” about, according to Mitchell.

“Whenever Callie gives Mariana advice, she is, for the most part, expecting that she won’t take it, but she gives her the advice nonetheless,” Mitchell said. “I think she’s just really worried about Mariana.”

As Joaquin keeps involving Mariana in these high-risk situations, he’s not quite ingratiating himself to Callie as a suitable romantic partner for Mariana, who finds herself once again balancing her feelings for Joaquin and Evan (T.J. Linnard).

“Callie’s not the biggest Joaquin fan, because he does keep dragging her into these life-or-death scenarios,” Mitchell said, joking that Callie would “probably take anyone over Joaquin.” “Callie has a soft spot for Evan as well … I think she’s team Evan.”

After “Good Trouble” was canceled in early December — just a month ahead of the Season 5B debut — the spin-off series was given the opportunity to film additional scenes for a supersized series finale. Having recently finished production on those last days of filming, Mitchell teased that fans can expect a “nice wrap up” for the Coterie residents.

“We were able to go back and reshoot that episode in a way that I think fans will be really happy with,” Mitchell said. “They get to see where all these characters end up and see a lot of those storylines tied up pretty nicely. I love the little sister moment as well.”

New episodes of “Good Trouble” premiere Tuesdays on Freeform, and stream the next day on Hulu.


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