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Engineers at Google Cloud Platform are working weekends to ensure a key AI partner can build effectively — a less than pleasant exercise in a high-stakes game

Google Cloud Platform
A Google Cloud exhibit during at the IAA Frankfurt Auto Show on Sept. 11, 2019. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

On a Saturday night in mid-September, a senior Google engineer shared some rough news with more than 50 colleagues. Part of the company’s cloud services offering was failing Anthropic, a darling AI startup and key strategic customer, and they’d have to work overtime to fix it. 

To repair the faulty part of its service — an underperforming and unstable NVIDIA H100 cluster — Google Cloud leadership initiated a seven-day-per-week sprint for the next month. The downside of not making it work, the senior engineer said, was “too large, for Anthropic — most importantly, for Google Cloud, and for Google,” according to documents reviewed by Big Technology.


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