Wait, ChatGPT Didn’t Take My Job? | PRO Insight

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Artificial intelligence is often portrayed as a job killer – but companies are likely to use the technology to get more done with the same number of people

A robot assisting a human
Bots are more likely to help humans be more productive than take their jobs. (Midjourney/Big Technology)

It was so over. Remember? As soon as artificial intelligence began to read, write and code, all manner of professions were supposed to automate — fast. Lawyers were toast. Entry-level engineers commodified. And journalists, well, it’s a small miracle we’re writing this story.

And yet, eight months after the release of ChatGPT — and several years since the advent of other AI business tools — the fallout’s been muted. AI is being widely adopted, but the imagined mass firings haven’t materialized. The United States is still effectively at full employment, with just 3.5% of the workforce unemployed.

The usual narrative may say otherwise, but the path toward AI-driven mass unemployment isn’t simple.