2 Years in, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy Faces Challenges at Every Turn | PRO Insight

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The company once seemed invincible, but it’s navigating a bumpy, post-pandemic road with a new chief executive at the helm

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy at the Rings of Power L.A. premiere
Amazon CEO Andy Jassy at the "Rings of Power" L.A. premiere. (Getty)

Almost immediately after Jeff Bezos handed Amazon to Andy Jassy in July 2021, the trouble began. The company had been soaring post-pandemic, bolstered by overwhelming interest in ecommerce and the cloud, but a return to in-person life and a broad tech drawback changed it all fast. As Jassy took over, Amazon’s share price plunged, customers pulled back, easy deals became hard, and hard deals fell apart. With Bezos living the good life, his anointed CEO dealt with the fallout.

Next month, Jassy will reach the two year point in his bumpy run as CEO. He’s helped bring some stability to the company, but his record’s been marked by approximately 27,000 layoffs, a rush toward retail efficiency, slowing cloud growth, and questions about the company’s focus.