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Hannibal Lecter Quotes Used to Prank Unwanted Suitor, Texts Go Viral

Boy meets girl, girl is not interested in boy, girl’s brother starts texting boy lines from ”Silence of the Lambs“ killer

A girl met a guy at a bar and gave him her number, but instead of ignoring the unwanted admirer, she had her brother text back using only Hannibal Lecter quotes.

As Imgur user lucy2shoes said in a post about the purported incident: “to get the guy at the bar to leave me alone I gave him my number, which was actually my brother’s number, who then only responded with Hannibal Lecter quotes.”

But the creepy text messages didn’t seem to faze the admirer, who kept texting back positive encouragement messages and still wanted to know what she had planned for the day.

Even when the brother texted a picture of Lecter’s face (Anthony Hopkins) to the guy from the bar, he kept answering. Only when the brother texted “well hello Clarice” did it seem like the admirer might have understood the prank.

See the texting conversation below.

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