Capitol Police Officer Says Right-Wing Attacks Hurt ‘as Much as’ Jan 6 Riot (Video)

Harry Dunn condemned attacks on officers’ credibility

Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn responded Wednesday night to conservative criticism of his testimony about the Jan. 6 riot, saying it “hurts more than — or just as much as — what happened” that day.

CNN’s Don Lemon interviewed Dunn Wednesday night, playing him clips of Fox News’ Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson downplaying his emotional testimony.

“I can’t believe that… You know what hurts more than — or just as much as — what happened on January 6?” the officer asked. “The attacks on our credibility and that we’re lying and that we don’t love our country and we’re fake police officers and we’re not real cops. Like… The stuff that you was just playing there, the Laura Ingrahams and the Tucker Carlsons… an act? That was an act? Wow. Thanks?”

Dunn called the commentary from right-wing media personalities “more than frustrating” before adding, “I’m unwavered and I’m still going to go do my job tomorrow just like I do for the last 13 years.”

Dunn joined a group of officers who testified Tuesday at the first hearing before the House select committee convened to investigate the deadly riot, which happened after supporters of then-president Donald Trump stormed the Capitol in an effort to stop the certification of President Joe Biden’s win. Dunn described rioters hurling the n-word at him and, like the others who testified, was criticized on right-wing opinion programming.

Officer Michael Fanone responded to the segments on Wednesday, as well, furiously refuting the idea that he’s “a crisis actor.”

On Tuesday night, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham sarcastically awarded Fanone with “best action performance” during her primetime program. During his testimony earlier in the day, Fanone recalled being physically accosted by the supporters of then-president Donald Trump who overtook the Capitol. He described wondering if he would die and then expressed his anger at lawmakers who have downplayed the deadly riot, calling it “disgraceful” as he banged his hand on the table.

Ingraham said Dunn gave the “best political performance.”

Watch Dunn above, via CNN.


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