‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ Gay Character Mulls Coming Out in Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Imitation Game’ Mashup

Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice replaces Craig Ferguson’s when “Dragon” character Gobber the Belch considers revealing his “affairs with men”

Last Updated: February 20, 2015 @ 6:59 AM

“How to Train Your Dragon 2” just got a whole lot more serious under Jimmy Kimmel’s creative direction.

The ABC late-night host mashed up the Best Animated Feature Oscar nominee with the audio from Best Picture of the  Year nominee “The Imitation Game,” a biopic about closeted gay genius Alan Turing.

The results?

Gobber the Belch, a character who slyly came out as gay in the DreamWorks animation sequel, makes his sexuality a lot more obvious.

Watch the “Kimmel Kartoon” to find out what the animated family film looks like when Gobber opens up about “affairs with men.”


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