‘I Am Jazz’ Preview: Jazz Helps Trans Friend Pick Out New Clothes (Exclusive Video)

TLC reality series airs Wednesdays

Fifteen-year-old trans advocate Jazz Jennings goes shopping for clothes with a trans friend in a new exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode of the TLC reality series “I Am Jazz.”

The clip sees Jazz discussing the process of transitioning with her friend Noelle as the pair picks out new clothes after previously burning Noelle’s boy clothes. Noelle, who is still early in the process, explains that she’s careful in selecting clothes to wear.

“Seeing Noelle transition to become her true self makes me realize that I’m so lucky to have gone through this transition at a young age,” Jazz says, explaining that her biggest insecurity is with her weight.

The episode sees Jazz and her family travel to California for a surgery to replace her expired hormone blocker, which prevents Jazz from beginning male puberty.

“It’s really great to have a transgender friend like Noelle nearby because she really understands what I’m going through,” Jazz says in the clip. “Talking with my other friends isn’t the same because they don’t really put themselves in my shoes, but with Noelle, she’s wearing the same shoes that I am.”

“I Am Jazz” follows Jazz, a transgender teen and advocate. Season 2 of the TLC reality series sees the 15-year-old attempt to balance school, sports, family and more, documenting her triumphs and struggles along the way. The show also stars her parents, Greg and Jeanette, as well as sister, Ari, and twin brothers Griffen and Sander.

Watch the video above.

“I Am Jazz” airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on TLC.