This Is It: (1278) Posts of MoJoe

It’s a Wrap for Adalian. Plus: Don’t stop believin’ there’s a corny video inside!

This is it. Again.

A little more than a year ago, in April 2009, TV MoJoe launched as a blog on the website of TVWeek, the venerable small-screen trade publication from Crain Communications. I was a columnist for the magazine, and the blog was meant to be an extension of my work for the publication.

Sadly, MoJoe had barely been up and running a month before TVWeek’s print edition shuttered, setting in motion my departure (TVWeek continues online) — and MoJoe’s move to TheWrap.

When MoJoe: TheWrap Edition bowed on Aug. 2, the plan was to settle in for a nice, long run here. Turns out "long" ended up being nine months (and just under 1,300 posts. No, that ain’t a typo.).

Starting Monday, I’ll begin a new assignment as West Coast editor for New York Magazine’s Vulture. As I have for nearly 20 years now, I’ll be writing about TV; fellow West Coast editor Claude Brodesser-Akner continues to cover the film business for Vulture. (This story by Anne Thompson of indieWIRE explains why I’m moving.)

I’m departing TheWrap truly appreciative to boss Sharon Waxman for giving me a platform (with a paycheck) to continue covering a medium I really, really love. She, along with day-to-day editor Lew Harris, have been incredibly supportive and kind (particularly when I was a bit under the weather last fall).

I won’t be writing the TV MoJoe blog at Vulture, but you can still find my Twitter thoughts via @tvmojoe. And perhaps one day, this blog will resurface in another form.

I considered some last-minute navel-gazing about the state of journalism, blogging, the TV business, etc. But really, there’s never been a time when William Goldman’s famous quote — "Nobody knows anything in this town" — was more appropriate. So: Let’s not.

Finally, this blog ended its run on TVWeek with a video of the final scene from "Six Feet Under." 

It’s fitting, then, to call it a Wrap here with another HBO farewell: The last scene of "The Sopranos." (True story: I have yet to watch the final dozen or so episodes of "The Sopranos," including the last one. But I hear the ending is beloved by all. Plus, who doesn’t love Journey?)

In any event, thanks for reading (and commenting). We’ll be seeing you….