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Jake Paul Interview Goes Off the Rails, Ends With Him Hanging Up and Sneering ‘Have a Nice F-ing Day’

HBO’s Bomani Jones suggested that the fighter’s betting app Betr could cause young people to become addicted to gambling

Jake Paul, former Disney Channel star and now trained fighter, is no stranger to controversy and defending himself in the ring. But in his one-on-one interview on “Game Theory” with Emmy-winning journalist, Bomani Jones, Paul found himself against the ropes looking for someone to throw in the towel. Instead, it was the former Disney Channel star who ended the uncomfortable moment with the slamming of his laptop and a “have a nice f—ing day.”

The interview that started off so well veered off track and into the bushes after Jones’ 12-minute monologue rehashing Paul’s career path from a social media influencer to a trained pro fighter and now the owner of a new sports betting app, BetR. But there was one clip that Jones was not thrilled about putting on display (even though he did) — when Paul knocked out former NBA basketball player, Nate Robinson, in the ring.

“And I took that personally,” Jones said after showing that clip. “Last thing I wanted to see after the George Floyd uprising. Man, the last thing I ever want to see is some white dude beating up a Black man. White dudes being scared of us, is the only part of racism that keeps us safe. White kids growing up thinking they can be like Jake Paul, every city will turn into Boston.”

Jones raised concerns about Paul’s company “Betr,” which doubles as a sports media company and a sports betting app that specializes in micro-betting, explaining that Paul’s young fanbase that has been following him from the beginning is now old enough to get hooked on gambling. It was that line of questioning that pushed Paul to fly off the rails.

“Do you worry that experts say that micro-betting is one of the most addictive forms of gambling, giving that your audience is younger people?” Jones asked.

“My audience is older people,” Paul answered. “I get what you’re trying… to be like a hero here and like save the day and paint me in a bad light.

Jones interrupted Paul and replied, “I’m saving the day?”

Paul answered, “No, you’re trying to. Probably with your guest, you get one over on them, and they’re not smart enough to keep track of what you’re doing.”

Jones interrupted Paul mid-sentence, laughing, “Nobody’s trying to fool you, Jake. Why do I need to try and fool you? I’m asking a real question. You appeal to younger people, and this is how you’ve made a lot of money. And you’re still appealing to young people. And now you are selling micro-betting and the question is, do you worry about that?”

Paul’s face said it all – he was not pleased with Jones’ take on it. Finally, he spoke up. “For sure, that’s why it’s always gamble responsibly. Only bet with money you’re willing to lose. The house always wins. Down with Betr but gamble responsibly,” Paul said.

From there, Jones asked Paul what was next after his upcoming boxing match with Tommy Fury and what would happen if he loses — and the interview with downhill from there. Fast.

“You got what you wanted with your viral interview. This is your big moment,” Paul said. “Soak it all in, man.”

Jones countered the clap back, “I talked to a bunch of bigger motherf—ers than Jake Paul in this world.”

“Have a nice f—ing day with your clout, buddy,” Paul snapped. “I hope you make a thousand dollars off of this interview for some views. Have a nice day.”

Paul then slammed close his laptop, ending the interview in a huff.

You can watch the full episode of “Game Theory With Bomani Jones” on HBO Max. And here’s a little peek: