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James Corden Duels With David Beckham Over Chance to Play James Bond (Video)

Spoiler: they both won’t play the famous spy

The next James Bond film is in flux. Not only is it unclear who will play the famous secret agent, since Daniel Craig appears to be done after four films, but also a number of studios are bidding for the rights.

That’s why on the final night of the “Late Late Show’s” visit to London, James Corden decided to put his name on the table. The problem is that he has to compete against retired soccer star and underwear model David Beckham.

The late night show skit sees the two being petty and eventually violent in an audition to play Bond, much to the dismay of the casting director.

One bit involves having to do a traditional Bond seduction scene. While Beckham sabotages Corden’s scene by just being himself (since no straight woman can resist Beckham apparently), Corden gets revenge by posing as the Bond girl.

“Spy s—. Deal with it,” Corden winked.

In another, Beckham switches out Corden’s suit for a tacky light blue number that’s not only uncomfortable to move in, but looks ridiculous.

However, after they get into a slap match and neither get the role, they decide to make peace.

“We shouldn’t be fighting like this. We’re a team. We should be working together,” Corden suggests before Beckham comes up with a brilliant idea. The two go in to star in their own version of “Batman.” Not quite on the same level as Bond but we’ll take it.

Watch the full clip above.