Jimmy Fallon Jokes That Biden Knows What an ‘Authentic’ Thanksgiving Meal Is ‘Because He Was There for the First One’ | Video

The NBC host also notes that the Trumps’ turkey was cooked “over three days in a tanning bed”

Jimmy Fallon served up a Thanksgiving “Tonight Show” monologue that was all about how some of the biggest names in politics spent their holiday feast. First on his list was President Joe Biden.

The NBC host noted that Biden and his family spent the holiday in Nantucket, Massachusetts. “Biden made sure an authentic Thanksgiving meal was served, and he would know because he was there for the first one,” Fallon said.

Fallon then went on to joke about former President Trump and Florida governor Ron DeSantis’ Thanksgivings. “It’s a little different at the Trump’s house. When they cook the turkey it’s over three days in a tanning bed,” Fallon said.

“Ron DeSantis had a good Thanksgiving although things got a little tense when he yelled, ‘For the last time, why am I seated at the kid’s table,’” Fallon added.

The late night host spent the rest of his holiday show playing Thanksgiving bingo and interviewing Cher about her latest album, “Christmas.”

The Thursday holiday has historically been a big one for the late night staple. Fallon was one of the major celebrities who was part of the annual Macy’s Day parade. He performed The Ramones on top of the “Winter Wonderland in Central Park” float alongside the Roots. The 2023 performance marked their 10th year as being part of the celebration.

“We love it here in New York City. It’s phenomenal. I mean, all these balloons, everybody is already out. The energy is crazy,” Fallon told NBC weather caster Al Roker Thursday morning.

It makes sense that Fallon would be a fixture of the parade. NBC, the broadcast network behind “The Tonight Show,” first started airing the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in in 1953.


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