Jimmy Fallon Knocks Biden’s Meeting With China’s President Xi, Says When Something Lasts 4 Hours He ‘Has to Immediately Call a Doctor’ | Video

“The Tonight Show” host jokes that the U.S. and China have the world’s most important relationship “after Travis and Tay Tay”

Jimmy Fallon is happy that President Biden’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping went well, both from a geopolitical angle and a personal one.

“Both men met for over four hours and by all accounts they really hit it off,” the “Tonight Show” host said Thursday night. “That’s great news for Biden, because usually when something lasts for over four hours he has to immediately call a doctor.”

Fallon then used his opening monologue to play footage from President Xi’s press conference following the meeting. True to form, the late-night host’s take on the conference was a bit sillier than what really happened.

“I had a productive meeting with President Biden. The U.S. and China have the world’s more important bilateral relationship,” a subtitled version of President Xi said in the clip. “Well, second most important, after Travis and Tay Tay.”

The rest of the video was filled with Taylor Swift jokes. After mentioning that Travis Kelce and Swift’s parents are going to meet each other during Monday Night Football, the subtitled President Xi said “MNF OMFG!” He also said he had “bad blood” with his own in-laws but that he managed to “shake it off.”

On Wednesday, Biden and Xi met just outside of San Francisco, the first meeting between them in a year. Biden later described the meeting as “some of the most constructive and productive discussions we’ve had.” In a speech, President Xi said he wanted to “deepen the friendly ties between our two peoples.” Many have seen China’s announcement that the country will send new pandas to the United States’ Smithsonian National Zoo as a signal of these potentially warmer feelings.

During the meeting the two world leaders discussed artificial intelligence and China’s production of illegal fentanyl, as well as agreeing to resume military-to-military relations.


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