New York Bakery Accepts John Oliver’s Cake Bear Challenge, Sells Out in Under an Hour

The HBO host will now send the bakery new equipment, as promised

A light-skinned man, John Oliver, makes a bemused expression in a closeup of his face.
John Oliver reacts to Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" return (NBC)

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas may not have accepted John Oliver’s challenge this year, but a New York bakery certainly did. And as a result, they sold out in less than an hour.

On Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver revealed that the owner of a bakery in Kingston, New York, was mildly peeved at him after he bought a closed-down Red Lobster restaurant’s equipment. Apparently, Eric Deising — said bakery owner — wanted that equipment himself, and taped a note to the front door of the Red Lobster asking if he could buy some of the equipment.

So, Oliver made Deising an offer: “Last Week Tonight” would gift the bakery brand new equipment (they had already donated the pieces that came with the Red Lobster) if they created “John Oliver cake bears.”

“I trust your vision. As long as it fits the general description of ‘John Oliver Cake Bear,’ I’ll be more than happy,” the host said.

And Deising’s team quickly followed through, issuing a new line of cakes in the shape of bears, but fronted by a piece of edible candy paper with Oliver’s face on them. To complete the look, it even has a little bear nose. And apparently, they were immediately a hot commodity.

According to News 12 Westchester, the bakery made 80 Oliver bear cakes to start and sold out in less than an hour.

“It’s unbelievable,” Deising told the station. “I can’t believe it went viral, and the amount of emails and messages on social media that we’re getting. People want them shipped to like the Philippines and Australia.”

Oliver himself has not issued a response just yet, but according to News 12 Westchester, the bakery will get the equipment the HBO host promised them by week’s end.

TheWrap has reached out for comment from “Last Week Tonight.”

“Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” is streaming on Max.


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