Joss Whedon’s ‘Firefly’ Cast Will Lend Voices to ‘Firefly Online’ Game

The Comic-con announcement got fans of the cult show really exited

Firefly Cast

There were a lot of happy Browncoats Thursday at Comic-Con.

At the annual multimedia blowout in San Diego, it was announced that the entire cast of the Joss Whedon series “Firefly” will reunite to lend their voices to a new “Firefly Online” game. The game, developed by Sparkplug, in conjunction with Quantum Mechanix and Fox Digital Entertainment, will be based on the Fox series that ran from 2002-03 and spawned the 2005 movie “Serenity.”

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All the actors, including Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres will be back, and some of the stars, like Alan Tyduk, will be playing multiple roles.

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Currently, the site,, is running extremely slowly, likely due to the crush after the announcement. What you’ll find is that the game lets you create a character that becomes part of the show’s universe.

Watch the trailer for the game with the voice of Ron Glass narrating: