‘Sleepy Hollow’ 3D Comic-Con Experience Will Have Fans Losing Their Heads (Exclusive Video)

You should’ve heeded Ichabod Crane’s warning

Sleepy Hollow Oculus Rift Comic-Con

For those with a good enough head on their shoulders to skip this week’s Comic-Con madness, below is the “Sleepy Hollow” Oculus Rift experience you’re missing out on. Fair warning: By watching below, that head isn’t going to stay on those shoulders for long.

In the short clip, Mark Goffman and his “Sleepy” staff crammed in several visual easter eggs for fans of the Fox show, including a Season 2 tease — Benjamin Franklin’s key — and a few hidden gems from its freshman run such as Judas Coins, the broken Horse Crossing sign, Headless Horseman’s head in a jar and Katerina’s grave.

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The 3D, live action performance by Tom Mison and “Headless” was shot on the “Sleepy Hollow” set with a 360 camera and integrated into a real-time virtual environment.

For the fanboys and girls in San Diego, the full experience is available at the Petco Interactive Zone through the weekend.

Watch the video, and keep your wits about you: