Kathryn Hahn Stunned When Emma Roberts Tells Her a ‘We’re the Millers’ Sequel Was Written | Video

“Wait, what was it about?!” Hahn asks her former costar

Kathryn Hahn was one of the many highlights of “We’re the Millers” back in 2013, but apparently, she was never made aware that a sequel was written. The actress was stunned when her former co-star Emma Roberts told her about it on Tuesday night.

Hahn is filling in as guest host on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” this week, and was thrilled to welcome Roberts to the show, reminiscing on the film they made together 11 years ago. In discussing it, Roberts immediately asked if Hahn ever read the sequel that got written.

“No,” Hahn said with a gasp. “No! I did not know there was a sequel! Wait, what was it about?!”

Roberts didn’t give away much in terms of the potential plot, beyond “we’re still the Millers” — it’s unclear if the actress meant that was the title, or was just clarifying that she and her fake family were still a fake family — but assured Hahn that it was good, and that Hahn’s character would’ve returned.

“I think you turned it down, and that’s why it didn’t get made,” Roberts joked.

“Mm, no,” Hahn replied, shaking her head. “I don’t buy that for two dollars. That is so funny!”

The actress/host noted that making the road trip comedy “was a legitimately fun filmmaking experience,” and has made the Fourth of July a more weighted experience every year, as her “Happy Birthday America!” line comes back to haunt her.

“Fourth of July is our holiday because of ‘We’re the Millers,’” Roberts confirmed. “Every Fourth of July, more people come up to me and I’m like ‘What is this about?’ And then it’s ‘We’re the Millers.’”

You can watch Roberts and Hahn’s full conversation in the video above.


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