‘KIMI’ Trailer: Zoë Kravitz Leads Tech Thriller From Director Steven Soderbergh (Video)

The HBO Max film was written by David Koepp

After his blistering thriller “No Sudden Move” debuted on HBO Max last summer, director Steven Soderbergh is back with a new thriller, “KIMI,” starring Zoë Kravitz. And the edge-of-your-seat trailer just debuted.

In “KIMI,” Kravitz plays an agoraphobic tech worker who thinks that she overhears a murder. That’s about all you need to know going in, although the trailer certainly spills some more beans. Basically, this is a high tech Hitchcockian thriller, in the “Rear Window” mode, but with Soderbergh’s usual technological flourishes (although this was not filmed on an iPhone, unlike some of his recent output) and cultural commentary (unlike most films, which are seemingly taking place in a world without a pandemic, this is set circa COVID-19).

Perhaps most excitingly about “KIMI” is the fact that it is the first time Soderbergh has teamed with prolific screenwriter David Koepp, who has written everything from “Mission: Impossible” to “Panic Room.”

Soderbergh’s next project for HBO Max is the recently announced sequel “Magic Mike’s Last Dance.” He previously made “Let Them All Talk,” starring Meryl Streep, Candice Bergan, and Dianne Wiest, for the streaming platform and signed a 3-year overall deal in 2020 to make films and TV shows for HBO and HBO Max.

“KIMI” debuts exclusively on HBO Max on February 10.