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Lena Dunham Fools and Schools Jimmy Fallon During ‘Box of Lies’ Game (Video)

It was a close contest between the “Girls” actress and the “Tonight Show” host — at first

Lena Dunham fooled, then schooled, Jimmy Fallon during a game of “Box of Lies” on “The Tonight Show” Tuesday night.

It was a close game between the “Girls” actress and the talk show host at first. Dunham’s first box contained a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio labeled as Frances McDormand, but Dunham described it as “a banana, but it has Sideshow Bob hair applied to the top of it, googly eyes and a little hole has been cut where a raisin has been placed as a nose. I can’t make this up.”

Fallon called her bluff and grabbed a box that contained a helmet filled with little rubber ducks.

But he decided to lie, describing it as a Barbie hot tub with three of the Brady Bunch members in it.

“You are the biggest liar I’ve ever meet in my life,” Dunham said in response.

Dunham’s final box contained a “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” book — when she opened it, she found a big bottle of whiskey in it.

She decided to tell the truth, but Fallon still thought she was lying, handing Dunham this round of “Box of Lies.”

Watch the video.