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Meghan McCain and Cory Booker Battle Over Gun Buy-Backs: It’s a ‘Left-Wing Fever Dream’

”I speak for a lot of red-state Americans,“ McCain told Booker on ”The View“

Meghan McCain had a heated back-and-forth on gun buy-backs and diplomacy with Sen. Cory Booker when the democratic presidential candidate visited “The View” Wednesday.

“One of the things that I liked that you have said is that Medicare for All is unrealistic right now, given that it will never pass, but you do support mandatory gun buy-backs,” McCain said.

“When I heard you and Beto saying that, to me, that’s like a left-wing fever dream,” she continued, referring to Booker’s competitor in the Democratic field, former Rep. Beto O’Rourke.

She followed up by asking how Booker and O’Rourke expect to “go to red states and go to my brother’s house is can get his AR-15s,” because her brother, for one, is not giving his guns up.

When Booker pointed out he and O’Rourke don’t have the same views on buy-backs, she said “good,” because O’Rourke is “crazy.”

Booker responded, “We should watch the way we talk about each other. Seriously, we can’t tear the character of people down.”

McCain said O’Rourke has been “nasty” to her, then continued, “With all due respect — and the way he talks about me inciting violence on this I take very seriously — and I speak for a lot of red-state Americans, whether he or you like it or not, there is a lot of Republicans you have to win over.”

Through the conversation, she kept insisting her brother won’t be giving up his guns, prompting Booker to finally ask, “Why are we playing into fearmongers that want to give this vision that people are going to show up at your house taking your guns away?”

Watch above, via ABC.