Michael Flynn Skewered for ‘Dangerous’ Argument US Should Only Have 1 Religion: ‘I’m Guessing It’s One Good With Treason’

Flynn’s comment is “potentially more damaging to a free USA than Osama Bin Laden or any terrorist or any mullah,” Keith Olbermann writes

Michael Flynn
ReAwaken America

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was taken to task on social media this weekend after suggesting that the United States should only have one national religion.

While speaking the conservative ReAwaken America tour on Saturday, Flynn said that when it comes to faith, “the ground underneath us is shaking.” He then argued that “if we are going to have one nation under God — which we must — we have to have one religion, one nation under God and one religion under God.”

Within hours, the video went viral online, prompting users to speak out against the former Trump aid — including Keith Olbermann.

“Caught tonight demanding one – and only one – religion in this country, Michael Flynn is more dangerous and potentially more damaging to a free USA than Osama Bin Laden or any terrorist or any mullah,” Olbermann wrote. “We must exorcise him from our nation, or perish.”

Others questioned Flynn’s own religion, along with his allegiances, and noted that the very idea of having one religion in the country flies directly in the face of the first amendment, protecting peoples’ right to freedom of religion.

“I’m Catholic and do we really want government to force everyone to go to confession?” Ted Lieu tweeted. “I got baptized in college and those Church courses were soooo long. Michael Flynn would fall asleep in Church class. Sure glad we live in a Constitutional Republic instead of a theocracy.”

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