‘Daily Show’: Michelle Wolf Congratulates ‘Creeps’ on Sexual Assault Law’s Expiration: ‘You Go Grab That T–ty, You Earned It!’ | Video

The week’s guest host also talks about suits against celebrities including Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jamie Foxx and Axl Rose — including Diddy’s settlement with Cassie

Comedian Michelle Wolf began her week hosting “The Daily Show” covering the end of New York’s Adult Survivors Act, which had given people a one-year window to file lawsuits for sexual assault, even if the suit otherwise would have been beyond the statue of limitations.

“Let’s kick things off with our old friend, hashtag-MeToo. Remember her?” Wolf began.

This past Friday was the expiration date, and as Wolf noted, “Boy, did the lawsuits come rolling in.”

These included suits against Sean “Diddy” Combs, Jamie Foxx, Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose and New York Mayor Eric Adams. They all denied the allegations, though Diddy did reach a settlement with one of the multiple women who accused him of sexual assault, singer and Diddy’s former girlfriend Cassie.

“Now, look: Obviously, a lawsuit is not proof of anything, but Diddy did settle… pretty quickly,” Wolf said. “I mean, one day later he was signing that check like, ‘I strongly deny any allegations against meeee, there, 30 million, there you go,’” Wolf said as she mimed signing a check.

Expressing a hint of worry, she followed that with, “Also, please don’t kill me, Diddy. I know, your list is long — I’ll go at the end.”

Noting that we’re now past the law’s expiration, Wolf cheerily added, “Congrats, creeps — if you didn’t get a lawsuit this weekend, you’re in the clear. You go grab that t–ty, you earned it! Grab two, both handfuls — get in there.”

Wolf had joked earlier that it was her first time back at the show in six years, quipping, “mostly because the show has a new HR person, so I’m now allowed back in the building again.”

As a tag to her invitation to creeps, she reminded viewers, “I’m back for a reason, guys. Isn’t sexual assault fun?”

Wolf questioned the need for an end to the law, as well as the odd post-Thanksgiving timing.

“Makes me feel a little like the greasiest Black Friday email ever,” before going into a sleazy commercial pitch-person voice to say, “‘Act fast! You only have two hours to get justice for the worst day of your life. File a lawsuit today and receive a free tote!’”

You can watch Wolf’s full opening segment in the video at the top of this story, including her coverage of other recent headlines.


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