Miranda Cosgrove Talks Filming That Gory Scene in ‘3022’: ‘It Was Actually Kind of Fun’

Space film hits theaters Friday

Warning: This blog post contains spoilers for “3022.” 

Miranda Cosgrove had to step out of her comfort zone for John Suits’ sci-fi drama “3022,” about group of astronauts on a mission into deep space who awake to find that earth has suffered an extinction level event.

Out in theaters Nov. 22, “3022” finds Cosgrove in a rare dramatic role as Lisa Brown, a tech expert and the youngest astronaut ever to participate in a 10-year mission aboard the space station Pangaea.

Omar Epps (“House”) plays Captain John Laine, who navigates a tumultuous romantic relationship with fellow crew member Jackie Miller (Kate Walsh, “13 Reasons Why”) while struggling to maintain his grip on reality. Angus Macfadyen (“Braveheart”) plays the space station’s resident doctor, who recommends the crew abandon their mission and return to earth — just before it ceases to exist.

For Cosgrove, a former child actress known for “iCarly,” “Drake & Josh,” “School of Rock” and the “Despicable Me” franchise, the sci-fi genre was unfamiliar territory.

“It definitely felt very dark and different than anything I’ve ever done before,” Cosgrove told TheWrap. “I just wanted to try something totally new.”

[SPOILER] Another first for Cosgrove was filming her first ever death scene — a feat she says was “actually kind of fun.”

“They put something in my mouth that made foam come out, because when people seize, foam actually sometimes comes out of their mouth. I had to do that, and then I had blood coming out of my ear,” Cosgrove said of the scene in which her character suffers a fatal hemorrhage after emergency surgery in space. “It was actually kind of fun, even though that sounds weird. People don’t ever think of the behind the scenes of all the ridiculous stuff, like someone running up and putting fake blood to run down your face and foam into your mouth.”

Though she’s used to comedy, she said, filming a gory, blood-filled scene was “definitely an experience.”

“Having done mostly comedy for my entire career, it was funny having to do a death scene, just because I’ve never done anything like that before,” Cosgrove said. “I was just watching [videos of] people having actual seizures to figure out how to do that. It was just so strange for me to be doing that for the first time, and even to be doing the film… to put my mind in that headspace was really different for me.”

“3022” is now out in theaters, on demand and digital.