‘Mister America’ Star Tim Heidecker on Playing a Character Named ‘Tim Heidecker’ | Video

Heidecker first adopted the persona eight years ago for Adult Swim’s ”On Cinema“

Tim Heidecker is a master of playing entitled, inept, quick-to-anger men. His character in the film “Mister America” — with whom he shares the name “Tim Heidecker” and hopefully zero character traits — has such a sense of entitlement that he isn’t satisfied even after getting away with multiple murders.

“Mister America” is a fake documentary that begins soon after his character has beaten the odds and avoided life in prison. Rather than enjoy his freedom, he decides to run against the “rat” district attorney who tried to prosecute him for the 19 deaths he clearly caused at an EDM festival in Southern California’s San Bernardino County.

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Tim Molloy

Executive editor • @timamolloy