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‘Moon Knight’ Episode 6 Credits Scene Explained: Who’s That?

We may not have seen the last of Oscar Isaac’s MCU character(s)

Consider this your spoiler-free heads up that “Moon Knight” Episode 6 has a mid-credits scene, and it’s one you’re not going to want to miss.

The Oscar Isaac-led Marvel Studios series comes to a close with its sixth episode, bringing the story of Isaac’s “superhero with multiple personality disorder” character(s) to a fitting conclusion. And yet, the end of the episode still leaves much up in the air, seemingly cracking the door open for more stories to tell down the line.

Marvel Studios and Disney+ have yet to confirm a “Moon Knight” Season 2 will happen, but the credits scene at the end of Episode 6 answers a big question from the season while teeing up a very complicated Season 2.

You know what? Let’s get into it. Consider this your spoiler warning that we’re going to discuss the “Moon Knight” Episode 6 credits scene.

OK, so if you’ve seen the credits scene then you know it shows Ethan Hawke’s Harrow in a mental asylum much like the one Isaac’s Marc Spector imagined in Episodes 4 and 5. But this time, it feels much more real. Harrow is picked up by an unseen man speaking in a Spanish accent and thrown into the back of a limo, where he comes face to face with Khonshu.

It’s here where the unseen man is revealed – it’s Isaac, but it’s not Marc Spector or Steven Grant. It’s the mysterious third personality who’s been alluded to throughout the season, and it’s one from the comics: John Lockley.

Lockley is portrayed in this scene as a ruthless killer (and Spanish at that) who is still doing the bidding of Khonshu. In the comics, Jake is a taxi driver, so the fact that he’s driving this limo is a nod to the origin of the character.

So what does this mean going forward? It means that if there is a “Moon Knight” Season 2, Marc and Steven will have to battle it out with Jake over agency of their body and, you know, trying not to kill more innocent people.

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