Nate Parker Called Out, Defended on Twitter for Having White Wife

“Ya’ll do realize that Nate Parker being married to a white woman, doesn’t make him white….right? He is still a Black man in America,” says one person “The Birth of a Nation” director

Nate Parker
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Nate Parker is causing an uproar on Twitter, and not because of his critically acclaimed film about slavery — but because his wife is white.

E! News posted a picture of Parker and his wife, Sarah, to congratulate the duo on the birth of their fourth child Friday. What should have been a celebration of their new baby turned into a social media debate when a few people realized for the first time that the “Birth of a Nation” director was married to a white woman.

Some Twitter users suggested it was hypocritical that Parker was not married to a black woman. But many others came to his defense, noting that in 2016, people can marry as they choose.

This reminds me of how conflicted I am about seeing Birth of a Nation,” wrote one Twitter user. “He may be a great filmmaker but I’m NOT here for Nate Parker the man.”

Another said the race of Parker’s wife didn’t detract from his activism for the black community.

“Ppl r seriously upset Nate Parker has white wife? Meanwhile, Ben Carson, Allen West, Herman Cain have black wives & mean Blacks no good,” one user said. 

Others were simply upset that the handsome 39-year-old filmmaker isn’t single.

“IDC about the color of Nate Parker’s wife. I just want to know how I missed the married w/children memo. I’m hurt,” someone tweeted.

Along with directing and starring in the Sundance hit about Nat Turner, a slave who led one of the greatest slave rebellions, Parker also founded The Nate Parker Foundation. It’s a non-profit organization with a mission to “confront systemic crises and disparities within the African and African American communities in the areas of education, cultural enrichment, and social and economic justice.”

“The Birth of a Nation” premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award and was picked up by Fox Searchlight for a record $17.5 million.

See some of Twitter’s reactions below.