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Netflix May Arrive Tardy to the Streaming Party for ‘The Interview’

The streaming network is in talks to join XBox, Google Play and YouTube as platforms for Seth Rogen, James Franco Sony comedy

Netflix is currently in talks to stream Sony’s “The Interview,” according to media reports.

The streaming goliath could add its 50 plus million subscribers to those able to watch the film, which has been the target of the nation’s biggest cyberattack in history.

If Netflix comes aboard, it wouldn’t be able to begin streaming the movie on its Christmas day release, but would be up and running within a few days.

A Sony and Netflix representative declined to commment.

So far, nearly 300 theaters are planning to exhibit the movie on Christmas day. Additionally, XBox, Google Play, YouTube Movies and Sony’s site www.seetheinterview.com will begin streaming the movie on Christmas Eve Wednesday starting at 10 a.m. PT.

This wide scale release occurs after Sony pulled the plug on the film last week, after multiple theater chains announced they would not exhibit the film.

President Barack Obama labeled the studio’s decision a mistake in a Friday press conference, which also named North Korea as responsible for the hacks.

Rogen has been outspoken about the Nov. 24 hacking of and subsequent threats against Sony and sharply critical of those he felt exploited the leaked Sony data uploaded by hackers, but Franco has been largely silent.