‘Nightly Show’s’ Larry Wilmore on Jon Stewart: He’s ‘Really Not That Funny’ (Video)

The Comedy Central host reveals his “true” feelings about the comedian/actor, but it’s not without praise

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“The Nightly Show’s” Larry Wilmore is all about honesty in interviews … kind of.

On the “Today” show Thursday, Wilmore was asked to “Keep It 100” the way he does guests during that eponymous segment on his show. “Today” co-host Willie Geist asked Wilmore who’s funnier and more talented: Stephen Colbert or “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart.

“Jon’s really not that funny. People don’t know he’s kind of curmudgeony,” Wilmore said jokingly. “It comes out seeming funny on TV, but if you sat right here, you’re like, ‘I don’t get it.’”

He added, “Jon would agree with me that there are very few people who are funnier and more talented than Stephen Colbert. [He] breathes in oxygen and exhales funny.”

His quip to Stewart was surely out of admiration for the beloved comedian, who’s stepping down from the satirical news show after nearly two decades, TheWrap previously reported. 

Wilmore reacted to the news like everyone else.

“I was very stunned and I was devastated like a lot of people. Jon’s meant so much,” Wilmore said. “I get it. At a certain point, you kind of feel like you’re done.”

Wilmore added, “We’re definitely going to miss him, but he’s not gone yet.”