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Orlando Sentinel Apologizes for Endorsing Congressman Who Backs Overturning Election: ‘Our Bad’

”We had no idea, had no way of knowing at the time, that Waltz was not committed to democracy,“ paper’s editorial board writes

“Our bad.” The Orlando Sentinel apologized to its readers Friday for its previous endorsement of U.S. Rep. Michael Waltz, a Republican congressman who supports a lawsuit brought by Texas in the U.S. Supreme Court in an attempt to overthrow election results in multiple states.

“We had no idea, had no way of knowing at the time, that Waltz was not committed to democracy,” wrote the editorial board of the Floridian newspaper.

“During our endorsement interview with the incumbent congressman, we didn’t think to ask, ‘Would you support an effort to throw out the votes of tens of millions of Americans in four states in order to overturn a presidential election and hand it to the person who lost, Donald Trump?'” the apology read. “Our bad.”

The board added that “some variation of that question” will be asked of all future congressional candidates, “particularly Republican candidates whose party is attempting to upend the way we choose a president.”

The Sentinel staffers outlined for readers what the lawsuit Waltz supports is all about, noting it’s based on unsubstantiated accusations of fraud that have appeared in numerous lawsuits since the election and have been dismissed in court. The editorial board was careful to point out that President Donald Trump’s legal team has notched one win and 55 losses in its post-election lawsuits — and the one win was for observers to gain closer access to the ballot-counting process.

A representative for Waltz was not immediately available.