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‘Outrageous Acts of Danger': Watch Man Scale Skyscraper With Vacuum Cleaners (Exclusive Video)

Tom Holland’s got nothing on Todd Sampson

If only Todd Sampson’s wife could get him to pick up a vacuum cleaner at home.

On Wednesday’s second episode of Science Channel’s “Outrageous Acts of Danger,” the host, physics-lover and potential crazy person will attempt to¬†climb a 13-story building with nothing but the suction power from two vacuum cleaners.

Here’s how it will work, assuming it does: With a partial vacuum created inside his custom suction pads, there are far less air molecules on the inside pushing out than there are on the outside pushing in. The difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the pads creates enough force to hold Todd to the building — about sixteen-hundred Newtons of force to be precise.

Todd’s not worried about the suction holding — he’s concerned about the windows. Watch TheWrap‘s exclusive sneak peek of the start to Sampson’s scary attempt above.

“Outrageous Acts of Danger” debuts June 21 at 10/9c on Science Channel. The vacuum cleaner episode follows at 10:30.

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