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Watch Fox News’ Peter Doocy Get Schooled by Jen Psaki on How Pipelines Work (Video)

White House Press Secretary patiently explains that finishing construction on the Keystone XL won’t impact oil supplies in the U.S.

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy tried to play gotcha at Wednesday’s press briefing — but wound up getting schooled by Biden Press Secretary Jennifer Psaki on how pipelines work.

Doocy returned to a favorite theme, asking about the Biden administration’s responsibility for rising gasoline prices. He also pressed Psaki on whether the president might reconsider his decision last year to halt construction on the Keystone XL pipeline intended to deliver crude oil from Western Canada to refineries in Illinois, Texas and Oklahoma.

“Just a quick yes or no. Is a restart of the Keystone XL construction entirely off the table as long as Joe Biden is president?” Doocy asked.

Psaki responded, “What would that help address?” 

Doocy stood his ground: “I’m asking you if it is an option. All options are on the table. Is Keystone one of them?“

And then Psaki shifted into schoolteacher mode. “If we are trying to bring about more supply, that does not address the problem,” she explained. “We are already getting that oil, Peter. The pipeline is the delivery mechanism, it is not an oilfield. So it does not provide more supply into the system.”

Still, Doocy persisted with his tangential line of questioning. “Is it possible Joe Biden will ever say, ‘You guys can go ahead with the construction of Keystone XL?’” he asked.

But Psaki shot him down. “There is no place for that and it will not address any problems that we have currently,” she said.

You can watch the exchange above.

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