Phil Robertson Supporters Not Satisfied With ‘Duck Dynasty’ Return

Faith Driven Consumer, group behind petition, says questions are unanswered


The group behind a pro-Phil Robertson petition says A&E still has some explaining to do even after lifting the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch’s suspension for anti-gay comments.

Faith Based Consumer created the website, which yielded 260,000 signatures in support of Robertson. He was suspended last Wednesday after a GQ interview in which he grouped gays with “drunks” and “terrorists” and said African-Americans were perfectly happy before Civil Rights.

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The group welcomed A&E’s decision Friday to lift Robertson’s suspension, with him not missing any episodes. But it said it still had questions, particularly about A&E’s insistence that its core values include “creativity, inclusion, and mutual respect.”

“Despite our celebration, we remain uncertain of A&E’s true intent. Today, in the network’s statement of their core values – centered on ‘creativity, inclusion, and mutual respect’ – Faith Driven Consumers are left wondering whether A&E considers us to be a part of America’s rich rainbow of diversity,” said Chris Stone, founder of Faith Driven Consumer.

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“Do they also now embrace the biblically based values and worldview held by the Robertson family and millions of Faith Driven Consumers?”

He noted that A&E said it had met with “numerous advocacy groups” and wondered if any included religious consumers.

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“We eagerly anticipate A&E’s naming of those groups to ensure that our community was included,” he said.

“Faith Driven Consumers will remain vigilant as we measure whether A&E’s actions reflect true tolerance, diversity, and mutual respect – including their equal embrace of our biblically based values and deeply held beliefs,” he said.

GLAAD, meanwhile, said A&E should arrange for Robertson to sit down with gays and African-Americans.

“If dialogue with Phil is not part of next steps then A+E has chosen profits over African American and gay people – especially its employees and viewers,” GLAAD said.