Power Women Breakfast: Salma Hayek on How She Got Kicked Out of Catholic School (Video)

Hayek recalls playing pranks on her more fashion-forward classmates and changing their alarm clocks

Salma Hayek is known for her good deeds and philanthropic work, but the nuns at her Catholic boarding school weren’t always so impressed with her angelic nature.

While she did once win a school medal “for spirit,” Hayek got bad news soon afterwards and didn’t bask in the glory for long.

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“The woman who was in charge of the nuns said, ‘You should go now before we kick you out,’” the actress told a gathering of the top women in media at TheWrap‘s 6th annual Power Women Breakfast at the Montage in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

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But Hayek insists she never did anything truly bad at the Catholic academy in Grand Coteau, Louisiana, where she was sent at age 12. “They were funny little things,” she said, reminiscing about sleeping in her school uniform above her already-made bed in order to have as little to do the next morning as possible, or pranking her classmates.

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“All the American girls would wake up so early to start putting makeup on, curl their hair, and I wanted to sleep until the last possible second,” relayed Hayek, who was born in Velacruz, Mexico. “So I would change all their alarm clocks to an hour earlier and they were up at four or five a.m. doing their makeup and hair. I laughed for about two hours.”

While Hayek ended up getting in trouble for her harmless pranks, but managed to make the best of it, as always.

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“I would get detention and then I would have fun in detention too,” she said. “If you’re creative, you’re creative in whatever you do, otherwise life is unbearable.”

Watch the video above.