Quinta Brunson Comforts Jennifer Aniston as She Tearfully Remembers Matthew Perry | Video

“We don’t have to go here,” the “Abbott Elementary” star offers

Jennifer Aniston, Quinta Brunson
Jennifer Aniston, Quinta Brunson

Quinta Brunson was quick to comfort Jennifer Aniston during their Actors on Actors interview this week when the “Friends” star immediately teared up over Matthew Perry when a question about their show came around.

The two were paired for Variety’s video series and, at one point, the “Abbott Elementary” star and creator was asked to ask Aniston “what it’s like to watch ‘Friends’ now.”

“Oh god, don’t make me cry,” Aniston immediately says, already welling up.

Brunson promises she won’t, fighting back tears herself. She then offers Aniston a minute to compose herself, before suggesting to just skip the topic altogether.

“No no, sorry, I just started thinking about…” Aniston replies, cutting herself off as she tilts her head back to keep the tears from falling. At that, Brunson quickly interjects, “I know,” as it was clear Aniston was thinking about her former costar, who died last year.

“Are you sure? We don’t have to go here,” Brunson adds, giving Aniston one last out.

However, the “Morning Show” actress pushed through, reassuring Brunson that they were “happy tears” and making jokes as she collected herself. When the two finally got back to the questions at hand, Brunson instead opted to center the question on the 30th anniversary of “Friends.”

Brunson’s response drew heaps of praise online, as fans applauded her for being sensitive and for giving Aniston grace.

You can watch the moment in the video, above.


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