Randall Park Credits His Hollywood Startup’s Success to ‘Deep Friendship and Trust’

Office With a View: Imminent Collision’s cofounder is looking beyond the strikes to tell Asian American stories with his partners

Randall Park, cofounder, Imminent Collision
Randall Park, cofounder of Imminent Collision, wants more diverse stories told in Hollywood. (Image: Storm Santos/Christopher T. Smith/TheWrap)

The production company that actor, writer and now director Randall Park co-founded four years ago, Imminent Collision, has birthed its first baby.

The indie film “Shortcomings,” an adaptation of Adrian Tomine’s acclaimed graphic novel, is the company’s first completed co-production as well as Park’s feature directorial debut. The Sony Picture Classics film about three young city dwellers looking for the ideal connection came out in theaters on Aug. 4 to mixed but largely favorable reviews.

While several other projects are on hold because of the writers’ strike, Park told TheWrap he looks forward to helping them see the light of day when the time is right.