Roku Content Chief Says You Need to ‘Be as Open-Minded as Possible’ About Career Moves

Office With a View: David Eilenberg credits his success at the streaming tech company to skills he picked up as a game show writer

Roku Media Head of Content David Eilenberg (Photo courtesy of Roku)

Before being tapped to oversee all content across Roku Media, David Eilenberg got his start in the industry as a writer and producer for reality TV and game shows.

“I spent quite some time as a writer on a game show called ‘The Weakest Link’ and that was really my entry point into working in production full time,” he told TheWrap for this week’s Office With a View.

“That was an interesting point in the evolution of broadcast because it was at the beginning of really the first reality boom,” he continued. “And so they started fishing for game show people to come into certain types of reality show producing, because at that point, in one way or another, most of the big reality shows were games and so they needed people who could think in that way.