Roseanne Barr Says Her ‘Worst Democrat Jokes’ Hit With Her Blue Hometown Audience: ‘They Have Open Minds’ | Video

“Everyone’s trying new s—t. Like, real offensive, out there s—t, and I love it!” Barr exclaims

Roseanne Barr (Photo credit: Getty Images)
Roseanne Barr (Photo credit: Getty Images)

Comedian Roseanne Barr said the predominately Democrat audiences in her Texas hometown totally understand her jokes that target the political party and its voters, no matter how offensive they are.

During an appearance on comedian and political commentator Bill Maher’s podcast “Club Random,” Barr opened up about her experience living near Austin, telling Maher he should have visited the comedy club at which she performs.

“They’ve got Mitzi’s Room in there. He made a whole bar for Mitzi, he’s got Mitzi’s Room. The bar is called Mitzi’s Room, and there’s a picture of Mitzi with the table,” Barr said, referring to late comedy club owner Mitzi Shore, whose husband Sammy Shore co-founded The Comedy Store in 1972. “It’s like Mitsy’s spirit lives on there.”

Barr then went on to share that comedians weren’t afraid to tell off-handed offensive jokes and that comics were well-received by the audience, despite Austin’s Democratic-skewed populace.

“Everyone’s trying new s—t. Like, real offensive, out there s—t, and I love it!” Barr exclaimed. “The audience is, like, eating it up even though they’re blue. They’re blue voters, but they have open minds. And I’m saying my worst Democrat jokes, and they’re lovin’ it!”

“That’s one reason I love places that are … cities in red states because you get a mix of both things, and I think the country does need both things,” Maher chimed in. “You go to Charlotte, or some place like that, and it’s like, yeah, you’re in North Carolina, but it’s a very blue city but it’s no so blue that they’ve got a stick up their ass. I think one thing we both don’t like is people with a stick up their ass.”

“It’s like blue mixed with red — commy — equals purple,” Barr retorted. “You know what I’m saying, Bill? With the hair and the whole thing? It’s beyond blue. It’s the next step toward Stalinist.”

Barr hasn’t shied away from the spotlight since being fired from the reboot of her 1988 sitcom “Roseanne” following racist tweets she posted online.

In the meantime, Barr has occassionally made appearances on podcasts, and recently performed for her TV special “Roseanne Barr: Cancel This!” which aired on Fox Nation.


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