Roseanne Barr Vows to Be ‘More Offensive Than [I’ve] Ever Been’ in Return to Stand-Up Comedy (Video)

“I was the first casualty of cancel culture, in a large way,” the comedian told Tucker Carlson

Roseanne Barr is back in her first comedy special in nearly 20 years and makes it perfectly clear to her fans that she’s “more offensive than [I’ve] ever been before.”

The disgraced comedian was fired from “The Conners” in 2018 over a racist tweet about former Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett in which she said Jarrett was what would have resulted if “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby.” Barr’s aptly titled comedy special “Cancel This!” which airs Monday, Feb. 13 on Fox Nation is a giant middle finger to the cancel culture that quickly did her in.

On Friday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Barr said she wanted to have her say after she was “blackballed and just totally canceled from even commenting on what happened,” but claimed she was never given a chance to apologize for her remarks. Barr apologized multiple times on Twitter, but also retweeted several messages fans had written in her defense – including one saying that her “apology is not sincere.” The revival of her ABC series “Roseanne” was canceled less than 24 hours later.

Barr also said she saw the special as an opportunity to talk about cancel culture, which she deemed “horrible” and “fascist.”

“Jokes are a great way to, you know, scorn power, especially during Biden’s presidency… it deserves to be laughed [at], to scorn,” she said. “And my jokes are so great. They’re the most offensive.”

She added that she and a group of other canceled comedian friends had “made a pact together: ‘When we come back, we’re going to be even more offensive than we’ve ever been before.’”

Reflecting on her own fall from grace, Barr called herself “the first casualty of cancel culture, in a large way.”

“So many other comics who have fallen too can’t find work and have no livelihood unless they are ridiculously sucking up” to the left, she argued, even though there was plenty to mock about the Biden administration.

“The left has no sense of humor at all, nor do they have any sense of humor about themselves,” she continued. “Somebody in power who can’t even laugh at themself, that’s a dangerous human being.”

See the full interview above.