Roseanne Barr Says Response to Dave Chappelle’s ‘Antisemitic’ ‘SNL’ Jokes Shows She’s the Victim of ‘Double Standard’ (Video)

“He was very protected in being bigoted,” Barr tells Fox News

In an interview Monday on Fox News, Roseanne Barr told Brian Kilmeade that she’s the victim of a “double standard” that she said is illustrated by the events that led to her being fired from “Roseanne” in 2017, compared to how comedians like Dave Chappelle are being treated.

Barr is performing in her first stand up special in 20 years, “Cancel This,” debuted on Monday.

When Kilmeade said he felt Chappelle can’t travel or perform without people trying to “upset him” over the things he says in his comedy shows, Barr said Chappelle is “lucky” to have people who will come to his defense. 

“…The people that he does his jokes for, the people he performs for always back him, so that’s the difference between him and me and other comics,” said Barr. “He always has the backing of the people on Netflix. They always stand up for him, and come to the floor for him. That makes him different from the all rest of who don’t get that. I didn’t get that. Other comics don’t get that, so he’s very privileged in that that he does get that.”

Barr then went on to call Chappelle’s recent “Saturday Night Live” monologue antisemitic, using it as an example of how she feels the comic is “protected” from scrutiny despite making “bigoted” statements. 

“David is also kind of protected in the fact that he’s able to say really offensive— I’m a Jew. I found his his performance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ to be very anti-semitic, and he was very protected in being bigoted too, by NBC That upset me because mine was a joke and his was serious bigotry, and mine was a mistake,” said Barr, referring to the incident in which she posted a racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett

“I say in my act that I racially misgendered someone I assumed to be a white woman, but Dave was like purposely offending who I am and got away with it and was protected for doing it, which, to me, shows what a double standard everything in this country is about. Sometimes I say that if it wasn’t for double standards certain people in this country on the left side they’d have no standards whatsoever, and it really makes me mad and that’s part of what drove me to come back. I’m tired of double standards, and In fell on the sword of double standard.”