Jimmy Fallon Hurls While Drinking Blood-Infused Cocktails With Ryan Reynolds (Video)

“I would rather drink spinal fluid than that,” “Deadpool” star says after first round

Jimmy Fallon and Ryan Reynolds played a disgusting drinking game on Monday night’s “Tonight Show” which resulted in the host throwing up on stage.

The duo played a round of “Drinko,” where they had to mix gross ingredients with Reynolds’ Aviation gin. Ingredients included clam juice and bacon, egg and cheese.

“I have such a weak stomach, I’m not kidding,” said Reynolds before he went to get his first concoction, which included Twinkies and grape soda.

“That’s like my child’s diet,” he said, before naming the cocktail “Ruth Bader Gins-berg.”

However, it wasn’t as good as he had hoped: “I would rather drink spinal fluid than that.”

Fallon’s mix included Twinkies and horseradish, which put him over the edge and made him hurl into a bucket on stage.

“You barfed up your whole childhood!” Reynolds told Fallon.

For the last cocktail, Reynolds went all in, and mixed blood, bone broth, grape juice and Kambucha with the bacon, egg and cheese mix. He chugged it and chased it with gin, much to the amazement of Fallon.

Watch the video above.