Senator Ted Cruz Calls CNN Reporter ‘Obnoxious’ and ‘Partisan/Unfair’

Manu Raju tweeted that Cruz ignored a question on whether he defends Trump’s conduct with Ukraine

GOP Sen. Ted Cruz attacked CNN’s Manu Raju in the very early hours of Friday morning, calling him “obnoxious” in a tweet.

“Manu, in your pissing fight w/ @MarthaMcSally EVERY GOP Senator agreed you were the MOST partisan/unfair Cap Hill reporter. Rather than address problem, CNN top brass ‘released the hounds’ on McSally. Your Qs aren’t hard, but when you’re obnoxious, we answer other reporters’ Qs,” he wrote on Twitter.

Cruz’s tweet came as a response to Raju, who had written that when he tried to ask the senator if he defends President Donald Trump’s conduct with Ukraine, for which he was impeached by the House, Cruz ignored him and “split.”

In his response, Cruz also referenced an incident that took place last week. Republican Sen. Martha McSally called Raju a “liberal hack” and refused to answer his questions last Thursday. She went on Twitter later in the day to confirm and share the exchange.

“You are,” McSally wrote in response to a tweet from Raju about the moment she called him a “liberal hack.” She later included a video of the encounter. Raju, the network’s senior congressional correspondent, followed up a half-hour later with the CNN video of the incident.