Seth Meyers Calls Out ‘Breathtakingly Dumb’ Logic of ‘Great Replacement Theory’ (Video)

The theory “is obviously racist, dangerous and dehumanizing. But on top of everything else, it’s also incredibly stupid,” Meyers said

Following the mass shooting in Buffalo, New York this past weekend, many have been calling out the dangers of the “Great Replacement” theory that served as inspiration for the shooter’s actions. And on Monday night, Seth Meyers took some time on “Late Night” to call out how “breathtakingly dumb” the actual logic behind it is.

The “Great Replacement” is a conspiracy theory that people of color are being brought into the United States and other Western countries by a cabal of elites to “replace” white voters to achieve the Democrats’ political agenda.

“The so-called replacement theory is obviously racist, dangerous and dehumanizing. But on top of everything else, it’s also incredibly stupid,” Meyers said. “I mean, just think about it for like half a second. No one’s being replaced. There’s no capacity limit here. It’s not like there’s a bouncer who only lets two in when two leave, and yet that same bouncer somehow keeps letting in girls and cool dudes, even though you and your friend Todd had been to the front of the line for like half an hour.”

Meyers then criticized Fox News host Tucker Carlson for how often he mentioned the replacement theory on his show, which according to the New York Times was more than 400 times since 2016. Meyers also mocked Trump for the number of times he referred to an imaginary “invasion” of migrants, sparking the whole theory.

But, at the end of the day, the late night host circled back to the actual logic of calling it the “replacement” theory.

“Just think about how breathtakingly dumb the logic here is. No one gets replaced when another person enters the country. The government doesn’t come knocking on your door and say, ‘Hey, someone just crossed the border, so now you have to move to a different country. We’re super sorry, pack your s— up, you’re moving to Sweden. Here’s a troll and a pair of clogs,’” Meyers joked.

“Second, just think about how dumb and dehumanizing it is to call migrants who are fleeing poverty and violence and coming here to seek a better life obedient,” he continued. “They’re doing one of the most difficult things a human being could do: uprooting themselves and their families, leaving their homes and making a dangerous trek to a foreign country. And they’re doing it at great personal cost in the hopes of seeking a better life. For this theory to make any sense at all, you’d have to believe that all those people are just sitting at home waiting for a call from the Democratic National Committee telling them it’s time to join the caravan and make the trek toward America.”

You can watch Seth Meyers’s full “A Closer Look” segment in the video here and above.