Seth Meyers Mocks Trump Jr. for Bragging That He’s Not on Epstein List: ‘If You Have to Say It, You’ve Already Lost’ | Video

“Even if it’s true, you wouldn’t put it in a dating profile between ‘outdoorsy’ and ‘loves dogs,'” the NBC host jokes

Donald Trump Jr. loudly bragged about not being on the list of Jeffrey Epstein’s known associates on Saturday, but Seth Meyers is pretty sure he told on himself by doing so.

While appearing at a Turning Point Action event, Trump Jr. proudly told the audience that, “If you’re in this room right now, you’re probably on the FBI list,” along with him and his father, who was convicted on 34 felony counts of fraud. And that, Trump Jr. argued, should be a badge of honor.

“So you’re in with good company. I am on every list, except the Epstein list,” he added. “We haven’t heard anything about that one in a while. I’m fine with all the other lists. As long as I’m not on the Epstein list, we’re good, right?”

“‘I’m not on the Epstein list’ is one of those things that, if you have to say it, you’ve already lost,” Meyers retorted as the clip ended. “For example, even if it’s true, you wouldn’t put it in a dating profile between ‘outdoorsy’ and ‘loves dogs.’”

Trump Jr. later reposted that video footage on X and captioned it “You know who’s not on the Epstein list? My father… because if he was, it would have leaked in about half a second!!!! That’s a fact!”

Naturally, Trump Jr. was fact-checked immediately on that, with Meyers reminding everyone that, in reality, the ex-president has been connected to Epstein after appearing on his flight logs seven times (which was revealed during the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted alongside Epstein).

“He wasn’t just on Epstein’s plane, he had platinum status,” Meyers joked. “They let him board before uniformed military personnel. He was only three flights away from filling out his punchcard.”

The “Late Night” host was also quick to mock Trump Jr. for even claiming that he’s on a list of any sort.

“These guys are so desperate to pretend they’re anti-government rebels with transgressive views, rather than the rich powerful assholes they are,” he said. “Besides, the FBI doesn’t need to put Don Jr. on a list. I’m pretty sure they know where to find him. Just check for any stores that sell Adderall-infused beard oil.”

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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