Seth Meyers Explains Trump’s 3 Branches of Government by Assigning Each to One of His Kids | Video

“The executive branch is Ivanka, she can do whatever she wants,” the NBC host jokes

Donald Trump apparently tried to get House Speaker Mike Johnson to overturn the ex-president’s conviction on 34 counts of felony fraud immediately after the verdict was read, prompting “Late Night” host Seth Meyers to decode exactly how Trump thinks the three branches of government work.

Because really, Meyers wasn’t surprised that Trump attempted to influence his supporters to help him out. The NBC host was mostly just amused that, even after being president, Trump “still doesn’t know how the three branches of government work.”

“He treats them like his three adult kids. The executive branch is Ivanka, she can do whatever she wants,” Meyers joked Thursday night. “The judicial branch is Don Jr., his right-hand man who does his bidding. And congress is like Eric. Send him a birthday card, even though Trump has probably tried to have him killed.”

At that, Meyers imagined exactly what Eric’s card to his father might say.

“Happy birthday dad! And don’t worry, I know it wasn’t intentional when you pushed me into that quicksand,” he read out.

Getting serious again, Meyers mocked right-wingers for still touting conspiracy theories about President Biden, while ignoring “the real one right in front of them.”

“Donald Trump is colluding with the political establishment to overturn a guilty verdict handed down by a jury of his peers,” Meyers said. “That’s much more damning than some MAGA conspiracy to make Biden look young, which doesn’t exist.”

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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