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Seth Meyers on Nude Photo Leaks: ‘If It Doesn’t Have Your Consent, It’s Never Your Fault’

The “Late Night” host comes to the defense of hacking victims

Seth Meyers had two very important points to make Wednesday night.

One, nude photos are awesome, and technological advancement that made it possible to send them in text messages is better than flying cars.

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Two, people should stop blaming the celebrity victims of the recent mass nude pic photo hack, which saw the private photos of A-listers like Jennifer Lawrence leaked onto the internet.

“It’s never your fault if private naked photos of you get out,” Meyers assured worried cell phone users and nude portrait enthusiasts.

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The “Late Night” host also provided a keen insight into human nature and social interactions:

“There are three kinds of people: Those who looked at the pictures; those who didn’t; and those who tried to look, couldn’t find them, gave up, and are now at dinner parties saying, ‘You know what? It didn’t seem right to look at them.’ To that last group, I’d like to say, you’re not noble, you’re just bad at the Internet.”

Oh, and a message to those of us in the media: We should stop referring to the photo-leakers as “hackers,” because they aren’t cool nerds saving the world from oppressive information mainframes; no, they’re “perverts making money off of stolen goods.”